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What are your rates?
Rates will vary for furnished and unfurnished Management Agreements. Rates are based on the monthly rental income, all rates subject to GST.

What is a Lease-up?
Lease-up is a term that we use to refer to the process of placing a new tenant, including advertising, showing and approving a qualified tenancy.

Is there a standard rate in the industry?
No, we do not have standard rates, each company charges the rates and structures their rates to reflect the services and expertise provided.

What makes Easy Estate different from other Property Management companies?
The Property Managers at Easy Estate work in a similar structure to that of Real Estate Sales Representative. What this means for you is that we essentially work independently for our clients to provide them with personal service that a Property Manager working 9-6 in an office cannot. We are available for our clients 7 days a week by mobile phone or email and we are also available to do evening and weekend showings to make sure that we find the best tenancy for your investment.

Easy Estate limits the amount of properties that each Property Manager can effectively manage. Therefore, we do not have assistants and other staff involved in the process, you will deal directly with your Property Manager on every issue concerning your property.

Where will you advertise my property?
Easy Estate utilizes the Internet to it's fullest to advertise and attract qualified tenants for your investment property. We have accounts with many of the sites available to us as Property Managers and also use our own website to show your property to it's fullest potential.

What criteria do you use to choose a tenant?
Easy Estate takes a full application on each and every tenant that we place in our clients properties.

When do you do showings?
Simply, whenever the perspective tenant wants, within reason of course. If a property is currently tenanted we are limited as to how often and when we can show the property, however, with a good working relationship with the tenant we rarely have conflict. Preferred showing times are during the daylight hours to show the property in it's best light but unfortunately schedules don't always permit and this can be difficult in Winter months, this makes Saturdays and Sundays very popular days to conduct showings.

Do I have a choice in who lives in my property?
Easy Estate will make the final decision on the tenant but would be happy to discuss potential tenants with you prior to approving applications and signing leases. Easy Estate does not deny applications based on sex, religion, race, and/or children or for any other reason that can be considered biased or prejudiced.

Do you guarantee the tenancy?
No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee tenancies. This is due to basic human nature that is not easily predicted. We could place the perfect tenant and have no problems for years until a change in the tenants life, job, divorce, or even family tragedy. With these types of unpredictable events possible in everyone's lives financial hardship can change everything. In most cases, the tenant understands their personal situation and deals with it in a professional manner with little or no interruption to the Landlord's income. On rare occasion there is potential loss to the Landlord and we take immediate action at that point to mitigate damages.

What if the tenant breaks the lease do I have to pay another Lease-up Fee?

If the tenant breaks the lease, he/she is responsible for all costs associated with their actions. Therefore, the cost to re-lease the property, including our fee, is the tenant's responsibility. The tenant will also pay for credit checks, advertising and any other miscellaneous charge associated with the process.
Who does the tenant call for repairs and emergencies?
The tenant will always call their Property Manager or Easy Estate directly to arrange for repairs and emergencies. The tenant will not have any contact with you and will not in most cases know who you are. Easy Estate Services will be their only contact by email and mobile phone in case of emergency.

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